It’s appears that Mazda has already started cold weather testing of the upcoming 2014 Mazda6. In the photos below what you see is their test mule wrapped in second generation Mazda6 clothing. Don’t be alarmed the new Mazda6 will look nothing like these photos and it’s styling will be based on the gorgeous Takeri Concept.

This technique of disguising test mules is nothing new and has been used in the past by manufacturers. Basically, Mazda has taken the platform of the upcoming car. They take the body of the current car, chop it up and make it fit on the upcoming model. Mercedes-Benz in the past has used Dodge Viper body panels to on the SLS test mule.

The new Mazda 6 will feature the new SkyActiv fuel saving technologies, including the SkyActiv-D Clean diesel engine, the new six-speed automatic transmission, and an engine idle-stop system. It will also be the first Mazda equipped with regenerative braking. The system converts kinetic energy into electricity during braking and stores it in capacitors for use later in powering electrical equipment such as the air conditioning, lighting and audio system.

If development proceeds as planned, we should be seeing the production version debut next September at the Paris Motor Show.


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