Premium Molded Carpet Kit for 2003-2008 Mazda6 by MAZEURO

Do you find the carpet in your Mazda6 just doesn’t look like it used to?  Does it look worn out, even after vacuuming and professional detailing.  Perhaps the carpet in your car has a hole  in it or is torn.  Maybe even something was spilled on to your carpet and you can’t get the stain or the smell out.

Now you can get that new car smell again and restore your interior to looking factory new.  Your Mazda6’s interior will instantly look and feel more luxurious.  Thicker carpet fiber in our carpets significantly reduces your floor mats from sliding around.  Eliminates the design flaw of Mazda Original Equipment carpet that led to premature wear, holes and tears.

Owners of our other Mazda Premium Carpet Kits have reported significant reduction in road noise compared to the factory carpeting.


  • Cut pile Nylon, the most durable material used to manufacture carpeting.
  • Thicker carpet fiber reduces floor mats from sliding around.
  • Denser fiber weight for a more substantial look and feel.
  • Sound insulation is attached to underside of carpet.
  • Mold is constructed using an actual Mazda6 for an exceptional fit.
  • Less expensive than custom made carpeting or the Mazda dealer’s cheap quality factory replacement.
  • Kit fits all 2003-2008 Sedan, hatch and station wagon models.
  • Made in the USA to exceed OEM quality.
  • Can be installed with hand tools by the DIY’er.
  • Available in three colors (Black, Beige & Type-R Red).

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50 Responses to Premium Molded Carpet Kit for Mazda6 by MAZEURO

  1. Karl T says:


    Can you confirm this kit is available for a 2005 Mazda 6 wagon, in black. I saw it mentioned in a web board but wasn’t sure if the carpet was now available, or if it was still in the planning stage.


  2. David Freitas says:

    Hi Karl,

    the kits are a go and we are currently fabricating the tooling for the carpet kits. It will be available for all 2003-2008 Mazda6 and Mazdaspeed 6 models.

    I would suggest entering your name and email to our mailing list. We have a few kits left at an incredible Pre-Order Price.


  3. Don Littlefield says:

    Any grey going to be available? I have an urgent need to replace my grey 2004 Mazda6 carpet due to it sitting for a year and all sorts of funk growing in the current carpet due to a water bottle that burst inside during the winter…. Cleaned it, recleaned it, short of nuking it… but smells pretty nasty still. Not sure I want to replace with black though…

  4. David Freitas says:

    Hi Don, we can make it available in grey. If you could mail me a small same I can match up the color. Usually the best place to cut a small sample is underneath the rear bench seat. There is always extra material there.

    Just give me a call at 1-877-629-3876 ext 1 and ask for Dave.

  5. tim says:

    I was wondering if I could get it in a kelly green

  6. David Freitas says:

    Tim, we don’t have a green called kelly green in particular, but if you have a sample of it that you can send us, we can try and match it up

  7. David Freitas says:

    Don, the grey is now available:

  8. Luis says:

    Are the carpets still for sale? I’m looking to purchase one in black for my 2004 Mazda 6.

  9. David Freitas says:

    Hi Luis, the carpets are always available.


  10. […] I had COMPLETELY forgot about (talking) with these guys about a year ago: Premium Molded Carpet Kit for Mazda6 by MAZEURO | Will probably order from them. __________________ '05 S wagon: MazdaSpeed springs & sway […]

  11. marc says:

    Can you send me an installation manual/instructions? I would like to see if i can install it by myself

  12. Jharon says:

    Is it possible to purchase just the back seat carpet? We had a battery acid spill and I only need the back seat portion.

  13. David Freitas says:

    Hi Marc, I dont have a full manual yet for the Mazda 6 ( I will have one later this fall) but go to and sign up to receive a copy of the Mazda 3 install guide.

    The installation is very similar.

  14. David Freitas says:

    Hi Jharon, the carpet kit is one piece for the entire interior. There isn’t a rear piece only option.

  15. Robert Kotas says:

    I own a 2005 Mazda 6i. The car I think is a Dark Steel Grey, color code 26x or as many call it, Charcoal Grey. Im guessing based on a websites color. I have light grey carpet. Is this available and how long from time of purchase to my door?

  16. David Freitas says:

    Hi Robert, if you can send me a picture of the interior of your car (one shot that includes carpet and console) I most likely can get you the charcoal carpeting.

    I haven’t offered it yet because I was unable to find a sample to match.

    As for lead time your looking at typically 5-8 business days to produce and be delivered to you with in the US.

  17. Riarna MacCarthy says:

    Can you deliver the Mazda 6 carpet kit to Australia?

  18. David Freitas says:

    Hi Riarna,

    we actually will be set up to ship to Australia and other countries outside of North America in the next week. We will be posting news about it on the NEWS page.


  19. Franche says:

    Im lookin to chnge the color of my carpet from beige 2 blk its a 08 mazda 6.. Is this carpet sumthin i can install myself or do i need assistance?

  20. David Freitas says:

    The carpet is something most of our customers choose to install themselves. As long as you have some common hand tools and aren’t intimidated about removing your seats. Contact me at David at and I can email you an installation manual so that you can go over the steps.


  21. Matthew Baca says:

    2006 Mazda 6 i carpet in need of a revival asp!

  22. Calvin says:


    Are there any other colors available other than the ones listed?

  23. David Freitas says:

    Which color are you interested in?

  24. Calvin says:

    I’m interested in blue

  25. David Freitas says:

    Which shade of blue are you interested in?

  26. Calvin says:

    Navy blue or dark blue would do just fine

  27. Robert says:

    Looking for grey carpet.

  28. David Freitas says:

    We have the medium grey that matches the factory color. Just select the color from the drop down menu before adding the carpet to the cart.

  29. Jason says:

    I’m looking for replacement carpet for my Mazdaspeed6. Do you have it in Black?

  30. Krista M. says:

    Is this company still operating?

  31. David Freitas says:

    Most definitely

  32. Morgan Cicatelli says:

    Hello, I have a 2005 Mazda 6 fully loaded 5 door station wagon and I’m not sure if it’s an AWD or not. I saw this isn’t going to fit AWD. if it is, could you still cut a version to fit my car in black. And how much do you think it would cost to install?

  33. JP Fabres says:

    Is this product still available? I have a 2004 mazda 6 hatchback.

    Thank you,


  34. David Freitas says:

    Hi JP, sure is

  35. Morgan Cicatelli says:

    I asked a question earlier I was the one with the 2005 Mazda 5 door wagon… I still haven’t gotten a response. Is someone working on one for me?

  36. David Freitas says:

    Sorry Morgan, our carpet kits fit the sedan, hatchback and wagon.

  37. David Freitas says:

    Hi Morgan, the only AWD models were the mazdaspeed 6 ones. As for cost to install, depends on where you live. I’ve heard people being quoted $200-400. But it can be done by a DIYed in about 4 hours.

  38. David Freitas says:

    Nothing available yet for the mazdaspeed 6

  39. DR says:

    Hello David. How long will it take to receive the Mazda 6 carpet after payment? Thanks.

  40. David Freitas says:

    It takes about 4 business days to make the carpet. Shipping up to 4 days in the U.S. depending far you are from Ohio.

  41. DR says:

    Order placed for 2003 black carpet. PayPal payment sent.

  42. David Freitas says:

    Thanks for the order DR. We have received it

  43. james says:

    I frequently work in ohio is it possible to pick up my order instead of shipping it?

  44. David Freitas says:

    Unfortunately no local pick up is available. It is a production facility that isn’t set up for pick up.

  45. Clyde says:

    Hey I have a mazda6 i 2.3l 2008 is this for my model don’t want to order the wrong carpet, this carpet does cover the entire inside right?

  46. Johnny Scott says:

    Looking for new carpet can you help

  47. David Freitas says:

    Sure can. How can I help

  48. Liz says:

    I need for a 2006 Mazda 5 (black) … Do you make for the 5 or only 6?
    Thank you!

  49. David Freitas says:

    Hi Liz, unfortunately at this time we don’t have anything for the Mazda5.

  50. David Freitas says:

    Hi Clyde our carpet kit covers the entire passenger area. From the front to under the back seat. It doesn’t include the carpet for the trunk area. Hope that helps.

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