“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”

-Henry Ford

Premium Materials

When constructing our Premium Molded Carpet Kits, we start off by using the right materials.  At Mazeuro we have selected the combination of cut pile carpeting made of nylon fibers.  Using quality materials helps ensure a carpet that not only looks great the day it is installed, but for years to come.

Cut Pile carpeting provides a softer, more plush carpet that adds a significant feeling of luxury and comfort to your Mazda6.  The Cut Pile design also makes it easier to clean your car, by not trapping dirt and debris. So you will spend less time vacuuming your car and more time enjoying how great it looks.

Mazeuro employs 100% Nylon fibers for the carpeting in our kits.   Nylon is the most durable material available for carpet construction.   It is also stain and fade resistant which will ensure long lasting performance.
Many other automotive carpets today are produced using other less durable materials.

We choose to work with premium materials such as Nylon Cut Pile carpet.   As this combination allows us to create an attractive and durable carpet kit for your Mazda6 and Mazdaspeed6.

Made in the USA

All of Mazeuro’s Premium Molded Carpet Kits are proudly manufactured in the USA. Our tooling is fabricated using actual North American Mazda6 and Mazdaspeed6 vehicles for better fitment and easier installation.

Keeping production in North America helps support the North American economy and also
Mazeuro uses actual North American Market Mazda 6 and Mazdaspeed6 to create the tooling.

If you have any question that you can’t find the answers in our FAQ just give us a call at 1-877-MAZEURO (629-3876)


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