Quick Installation Notes

We will be posting videos of the carpet installation for those who purchase the kits once the first kit is installed.  Here is some information that you might find useful

Installation of our Premium Carpet Kits can be done by the DIYer if you chose to. Simply put, I would recommend that 4 hours be put aside for disassembly, beer drinking, installation, and reassembly. Most average Do It Yourself ‘ers will complete the install sooner.

Required Tools

  • 10 mm socket
  • 13 mm socket
  • T50 hex socket
  • Ratchet
  • socket extension
  • flat head screwdriver
  • philips screwdriver
  • Utility knife or razor blade
  • a pick or small screwdriver (removing some plastic trim screws and clips

Disassembly of the interior

is typically under 30 minutes.  Steps include:

  1. removing the front seats
  2. the back seat (the seat bottom only)
  3. door sill (this is the plastic panels at the bottom of the door opening)
  4. two B pillar panels
  5. removal of the center console

Detailed printed installation instruction for the carpet fitting is included with you carpet. Reinstalling the interior is just the reverse of disassembly.

Here is a great forum thread with a great step by step directions. Click Here

Below is a video of our interior disassembly of a Mazda3 which is very similar to both the Mazda6 and the Mazdaspeed6.  We will be video taping the installation of our prototype kit and then making it available to all those who purchased our kits.


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